Pub… Cheesecake… just LONDON

September 3, 2008 at 7:22 pm (private)

Today after work we went to the pub in Sydenham! It’s called the dauphin and for me it looks like a real Englisch pub! We ordered a pint of some strage beer there. It is so strong that you are nearly drunk after a pint! Hell…! Yesterday we went there as well, but I didn’t know already that that beer was not normal! That’s why I finally felt a bit dizzy when I walked home!

However, yesterday just Elizabetha, Jose and me went there. But today also Nives joined us! And as you need to go outside the pub when you want to smoke, we did so and left all our stuff inside. Meanwhile some older people took our table and when we came in again our things where gone.

Luckily we got them again… For Nives this was a rather embarrassing situation, because of the kind of stuff she left… well… I won’t talk about that in detail – I can’t risk getting killed tomorrow!

So after that funny experience I went home in order to bake a cheesecake! I’m quite curious how it will taste, because it looks nothing like a propper cheesecake. So let’s see if I’ll have the heart to bring it to work tomorrow! Cecilia is quite critical concerning cheesecakes! I’ll better try it before myself!


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  1. Betta said,

    I can give evidence to Lene’s words…that beer was really strong!!! but it tasted good…
    However, those have been 2really funny colleagues are really nice (even if I can’t speak a good english yet..)
    Bye bye!

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