September 4, 2008 at 8:09 pm (private)

For those who don’t know yet – I’m a Lidl-shopper! The reason: Cheapest ever! So today I went there in order to buy lots and lots of food, because I’m hosting a “dinnerparty” tomorrow! Actually Alex, Obi and Luke come to visit me and I’ll cook for them and several other people (Nives, Elisabetta, Reniece, Simone,…).

So I just entered Lidl and realized that I had no trolly – crap! So I went trough the whole shop and out again! As I stood in front of the drollies and watched into my purse I found out that I had no change at all! So back in at Lidl I thought it would be too emberassing to ask for change and walk out a second time! So I decided to do the shopping without that bloody drolly.

WRONG DECISION! What I did was to pack all the stuff into the bags, that are supposed for fruits and vegetables! You should not do that, because they break!

In fact it took me about one hour to do that shopping, because I was busy with packing all the stuff from one broken bag to a new one, which finally broke again after a few minutes!



  1. gerli said,

    hey baby you are funny!!!!!! your stories are interesting!!!!

  2. gerli said,

    sorry my english is bad…
    you make my laughe 🙂 is des überhaupt englisch!??!

    bussal du kennst di aus 😉

  3. helenelindner said,

    Yes you can say that! At least you have a reason to practice now! 😀

  4. gerli said,

    I have to lern english with you!!!!!!!! I am so bad..

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