… can’t believe the weekend’s gone ….

September 28, 2008 at 7:40 pm (1)

How is it possible, that time passes so quickly?

It has just been friday! Now it is sunday evening and I’ve got the feeling I’ve done nothing! Probably because I’ve slept the whole day, because we got home from fabric at 8 or something!

However, yesterday was really nice! The sun was shining the hole day and me and my collegues Nives, Betta and Jose were enjoying the wonderful weather in central london! We met on trafalgarsquare in order to watch the Capoeira performance of Nives’ flatmate Sandra. She is portuguese, but has already been living in London for quite a long time! She does Capoeira and invited us to the performance! Was really great and a real expericene watching it!

Afterwards we went to southbank where we wanted to watche the Michel Godry exhibition in the BFI Gallery! Was somehow strange, but however worth seeing it!

Later I met Edith, Tony and Alex (a fried of those two) at Southbank for a short chat. Going home from the center was an Odyssee – like always! After all I think I have to get used to that bloody public transport system! However it is always thrilling if you finally find your way home or end up somewhere, because the bus decides – onc again – to terminate on some random stop without any reason.

However we met at Nives’ at 9 (due to the lovely busses it got almost 10) in order to predrink and have dinner. Betta cooked excelent original Italian pasta. She said about herself that she was a bad cook.. well, I guess the worst Italian cook is still better than the best English cook (except Sir Jamie Oliver – for sure).

Fabric was completely crowded and dancing was nearly impossible – the penguin dance is no propper dancing style! However, I really liked the music and the visuals were also nice.., but I didn’t really enjoy myself in there. There were just too many people.

Getting home was another odyssee! But it would be unfair saying it was the transport’s fault! We were a little stupid too, because we were constantly waiting on the wrong side of the street…. However: “Child remember, alcohol is no plaything!!” 😉


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