never ever plan when you’re in London

October 7, 2008 at 10:49 pm (1)

We really had a good plan for what to do Saturday and Sunday! We found out many exhibitions we wanted to watch and arranged times when to meet where.

Saturday we wanted to meet at Southbank to watch a Comic-Exhibition, that didn’t exist! As Austrians (thanks Kronenzeitung) we should have known that you can’t always trust, what the newspaper sais! However… we have been at a Comic and Film Museum in Southbank! Was really nice and we shot lots of funny photos!

Afterwards we went to the British Museum to see the statue of Kate Moss in a yoga-position. The statue is made of 50kg pure gold and as I found out Kate only posed for the face! That was a big disappointment!

After that we went to Oxford Street! We passed a stand, where a guy selled watches and all sorts of other jewellry.. I’m a girl – sure I couldn’t pass! As I saw the prices on the signs I went on – desperately, because I know I could never afford a bloody watch for 99pounds! About 10 steps later Dipo told me, that all the watches were only 5pounds! Of course I went back immediately and asked the salesman if that was true. He just answered: “Sure darling, the price on the cases is only there to make them even look better!” So it was clear: A new watch for me!

Lateron we made our way down Oxfordstreet! We passt Oxford Circus and went on and went on and went on… I just wanted to lie down and sleep, but then we saw it right befor our eyes, we entered, we were there: PARADISE! I can tell you: Primark was made by god himself! A store where you can buy everything to prices even I can afford! Well, how beautiful it is, we were not the only ones who knew about that! So we were trapped inbetween millions of shoppers. If you finally manage to find a piece of cloths you like: just grab it without trying it on and make your way to the cash desk immediately, because you can be sure to queue up for at least one hour! However, this was absolutely worth it – 3 pieces for 12pounds!

In the evening we went to Soho to search the hairdresser Nives and I had found 2 weeks before. Spontanious as we are, we went in to have our hair cut!

To celebrate our new style dignified we met at a pub later at night.

Sunday Betta and me got up rather early in order to meet Nives. We wanted to go to the Bricklane Market. Due to some problems Nives didn’t come and so Betta and me went there alone! The weather was shit, Betta didn’t have her good italian coffee (I only have instant and an Italian drinking this would be the end of the world) so the atmosphere was not very cheered!

After we’ve been to a nice Cafe on the Market, Betta was happy again and so we went on strolling through. Later we went to Old Street where we should find a exhibition of some crazy guy! Well.. it’s not that easy if you neither have the name of the artist, nor of the exhibition, nor of the museum where it is! So guess what happend.. we didn’t find it!

Look on the bright side: we have seen a new part of London and found Cargo, a possibility for going out the next time!


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