….to keep the long story short….

October 27, 2008 at 3:33 pm (1)

Man, I havent wirtten for a while!

So what has been going on in London so far?

We saw few exhibitions in the meantime. A very nice one was the Islington Arts and Design Fair. The mood within that event was really relaxed and reminded me more of a cocktail party than an exhibition. There were lots of flyers and postcards to take away for free, which I surely couldn’t resist. According to Jose’s suggestion I watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s with Audrey Hepburn.

One weekend my girlies – Linda, Gerline, Claudia and Marlene – came to visit me! Was quite funny with them! They had a room in Kings-Cross and only stayed from Firday to Sunday! So they had quite busy days! Friday we met for dinner and then went for a walk on Oxford Street! Afterwards they wanted to go home rather quickly, cause they really had lots of program on Saturday… However after they had finished they sightseeing we met at Camden Market and I showed them “Market-Place Heaven” of London! They liked it – for sure! In the evening we went to Angel – an area in north-east London where you can find lots and lots of nice little pubs and bars.

The girls seemed quite exhausted of all the impressions they got from one day London! I could really understand how they must have felt and so I didn’t keep them from going back to the hostel! Edith and me stayed for another pint – guess we are already used to it!

Sunday I met Nives at London Bridge and we went to Tate Modern! She also got visited from an Austrian friend on Friday and Saturday. We enjoyed the wonderful building and intersting arts!


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  1. karpo said,

    tate ftw!
    i was there a few years back, it’s really sweet.

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