Partypeople in the House!

September 8, 2008 at 12:59 pm (private)

Friday, straight after work nives and me went to my flat and cooked a marvellouse pasta bake with tuna and seafood. We had already finished dinner for ages, when alex called that we could now pick them up! So we went to the railstation and … there they were! I was so happy to see them. On our way home to the flat (about 10 minutes from the station) it started to rain so heavily that we were wet over and over, when we arrived!

So after dinner I offerd them some of my chesecake! They liked it – well, they don’t know how cheesecake normally tastes…

After predrinking we tried to catch the last train to the city – we failed. So we took the bus! When we had reached our “final destination”, we asked somebody where the club we were searching was – unnecessary! The queue was so long, we could never have overlooked it! Obi, Alex and me went into the club after tow and a half hours of queuing. It took Luke a little longer! 😀 So we finally enteret “The End” at about three and decided to stay there till they would force us out!

The next day we went to Camden market. Actually we arrived there in the afternoon, because we slept long! After spending all our money on certain stuff there, we went back home in order to eat and predrink! That we went to “Hidden”, which is a club near Elephant&Castle. We would have lost our way totally, if we had not got to know that very strange person on the bus, who showed us how to get there! Thanks alex, for being so beautiful! 😉

Hidden was strage! Few people, but those very stange ones! Luke and Obi nealy got stabbed, because they wanted to sell Austrian cigarettes. Camera of a guy we got to know there got stolen (by the same people). But we also got to know really funny and crazy people!

Sunday we went to covent garden! Actually we wanted to go to the flowermarket! But… it closes at 2pm on Sundays and we got up at 1pm! So, guess what happened… Back home, we chilled.

All in all I slept about 15 hours within tree days and feel almost dead today! so work is really fun at the moment!


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PARTY…. uh uh uh

September 5, 2008 at 1:44 pm (private)

Yeah! today is partyday! already talked to alex! They will come over today in the evening and we are goint to party all weekend! I’m so looking forward to this!

I’m very happy that my friendos obislav werner and luke alias borat will come as well! nives and elisabetta are coming over straight after work! I have already bought everything yesterday – which you can read in my post! So we just need to get some beer and then: PARTY CAN START!

censored photos following soon 😉

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September 4, 2008 at 8:09 pm (private)

For those who don’t know yet – I’m a Lidl-shopper! The reason: Cheapest ever! So today I went there in order to buy lots and lots of food, because I’m hosting a “dinnerparty” tomorrow! Actually Alex, Obi and Luke come to visit me and I’ll cook for them and several other people (Nives, Elisabetta, Reniece, Simone,…).

So I just entered Lidl and realized that I had no trolly – crap! So I went trough the whole shop and out again! As I stood in front of the drollies and watched into my purse I found out that I had no change at all! So back in at Lidl I thought it would be too emberassing to ask for change and walk out a second time! So I decided to do the shopping without that bloody drolly.

WRONG DECISION! What I did was to pack all the stuff into the bags, that are supposed for fruits and vegetables! You should not do that, because they break!

In fact it took me about one hour to do that shopping, because I was busy with packing all the stuff from one broken bag to a new one, which finally broke again after a few minutes!

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Pub… Cheesecake… just LONDON

September 3, 2008 at 7:22 pm (private)

Today after work we went to the pub in Sydenham! It’s called the dauphin and for me it looks like a real Englisch pub! We ordered a pint of some strage beer there. It is so strong that you are nearly drunk after a pint! Hell…! Yesterday we went there as well, but I didn’t know already that that beer was not normal! That’s why I finally felt a bit dizzy when I walked home!

However, yesterday just Elizabetha, Jose and me went there. But today also Nives joined us! And as you need to go outside the pub when you want to smoke, we did so and left all our stuff inside. Meanwhile some older people took our table and when we came in again our things where gone.

Luckily we got them again… For Nives this was a rather embarrassing situation, because of the kind of stuff she left… well… I won’t talk about that in detail – I can’t risk getting killed tomorrow!

So after that funny experience I went home in order to bake a cheesecake! I’m quite curious how it will taste, because it looks nothing like a propper cheesecake. So let’s see if I’ll have the heart to bring it to work tomorrow! Cecilia is quite critical concerning cheesecakes! I’ll better try it before myself!

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Start up

September 1, 2008 at 7:16 pm (private, work)

I arrived in London on the 13th of August! Actually I should have arrived at 17:45 in stanstead! Whatever – Ryanair didn’t think so and thats why I finally arrived nearly one hour later!

However, I managed being in Sydenham at 10:00 pm! It was so complicated going there and I lost my way several times! Thanks god my flatmate Simone picked me up at the station! Otherwise I would have slept in the streets!

When I finally reached my room, I realized that I had forgotten the adapterplug at home! so there were 2 hours battery left on my mac! time enough to whine and complain to christoph about my start in the city!

So, the first day was quite a mess! but it should get better!

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